Your pets are in good hands when you entrust them to Fiona's Creature's Large and Small LLC. 

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Trustworthy Testimonials From Pleased Pet Owners

Entrusting your pets to someone you don't know is a difficult decision. So it helps to hear from people who have already let Fiona take care of their dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters, and more. Your animals will come to like Fiona as much as you love your pets.

Hear from people who hire Fiona to care for pets in their homes

"We tried kennels and other options, but our dogs get to stay in our home when we travel. When we return they are happy and excited to see us. That tells us their routine hasn't missed a beat thanks to Fiona's excellent care and attention." – Don and Amy

"We are blessed to have Fiona Bradshaw in our lives. Fiona comes to our home twice a day to walk Roxie in our neighborhood. In caring for Roxie, Fiona has complete access to our home. She is extremely reliable and trustworthy, and I have never questioned giving her that responsibility."

- Meg

"I travel for business, and I can concentrate on the work at hand knowing my animals are getting the same kind of love, attention, and care I give them myself. I trust Fiona completely, and she always goes above and beyond to do little things to make my animals comfortable and to keep me in the loop — even texting me pictures of them!"

- Regan Hofmann

"Reggie is our 11-year-old rescue dog. Reggie is convinced that he has two families — ours and the Bradshaws. Fiona makes sure that Reggie has all his "things" (bed, blankie, special food, etc.), and that his routine is just as it is at home."

- Susan and Dick

"Fiona has cared for our dogs for as long as 3 weeks while we were away. Over the years, we've had various caregivers for our dogs, but none have ever taken care of any of our dogs with the love, dedication, and responsibility that Fiona consistently gives."

- Francesca and Rick Beye

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